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Normally I'm all for new humour, and I tend to have a much larger tolerance for properties such as start up web comics than most other people do... But the problem is your jokes just really are not all that funny. The ones that are have been used countless times before in many other mediums. There are many issues with your framing, how you set up the panels and lay it out that always seems to detract from the punch in some capacity. The art, while not exactly great right now, will only get better with time. It is still much nicer to look at than most of the crap on the internet.

Your best bet for success is to study. Go talk to comedians and people who do this sort of work for a living. Ask for critique from the comic strip community, and fire off an email to some of those who run a web comic as their full time job. If you like video games, a great resource would be the Penny-Arcade TV 'Fourth Wall' series. It is a fly-on-the-wall segment where the two creators work out the entire comic strip from the simple aspect of talking about interesting things in gaming, eventually striking on something they find humorous, and expanding on that. Once those are exhausted, the podcasts they did a few years ago are absolutely hilarious in and of themselves. The only downside is that some are an hour long, but are an absolute joy to listen to. Once again, this is if you are inclined to video games in any capacity. If you aren't, I don't have an equivalent resource.

The truth of the matter is people do this as their careers. People pay for their car, their homes, and feed their children by uploading .jpegs online... And it takes alot of work to get there. While the comic has potential, you must be willing to put the man hours into making it a success.

My personal opinion on the matter, because everyone has one, is make sure you try and keep things fairly Airsoft. There are many small quirks about the sport that separate it from Paintball and video games, yet you seem to be highlighting the similarities. A number of your strips could easily be about paintball or kids playing Call of Duty and the impact of your punch would remain the same. In fact very little in the strip would have to be changed. Sit down, talk with Airsofters, and submerge yourself in the sport. Pull up those little things that make this sport so fun to play, make sure to put the time in to really flush out that idea into a great punch line. Do that and you will see success in this strip and capture a community following. It won't end up your full time job, but it will give you the skills to go get one in the future.

My two cents, and some honest advice.
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