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Originally Posted by oniwagamaru View Post
It is really up to you, the seller if you want to sell to a minor or not! If you feel that you should keep this sport 18+, then feel free to not sell him the rifle. As per owning an airsoft gun, I dont think there is a rule that prohibits 17 year olds from owning one, only in its purchase from stores (dont quote me on this but I think Ontario has a law that prohibits selling airguns and such to minors).
You know, that makes me happy. I had a feeling thats what it was. I suppose i just hang around people who enforce it

Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
He saw your ad on ASC? or on another site?
It was on craigslist. Me and my friend were just browsing to see if anything good actually sold on there, and i found his wanted post.
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