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Noobie sales

This is going to sound like a big noobie question, but i would like to know the correct response for this situation.

I know that there is a strong understanding that airsoft is an 18+ sport. I have responded to an ad of someone wanting to buy a rifle of mine, locally. I also found out that he is 17, and he has stated that he already owns a rifle. I am uneasy about dealing with him without an adult, so how should i tell him that he needs one. I found the thread about the legality of airsoft in canada, but i could not find a specific age (i skimmed through it and used the find function to search for words like age, eighteen, 18 etc [i really hope i didnt miss anything]). He has also stated that he knows the law, even though he owns one at 17. This made me uneasy, again, so i googled it like any good noobie. It just led me to some random websites and to the old thread at asc.

So i am going to tell him that the law is 18+, and i am looking for one of you guys to do some community work and find the direct law for me, as i can not for some reason

Maybe i was wrong on this, and im going to make myself look like a giant idiot, but i would rather the guns in the hands of people who it should belong to.

Hopefully i catch you guys on the good side tonight
I hope i did not forget to mention anything...

*After a read, it feels like im lazy. I more or less just wantt your insight...

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