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Originally Posted by Hammburglar View Post
I agree with Brian. The +1 Issue or even just having a your team name instead of your asc name can be a bit of a pickle for some. There are people in the community that are banned from certain fields etc and may try and use this loop hole to try and slip under the radar.
I don't think thats as big of a problem. From what I've seen, hosts do a good job at keeping out black listed players. I think the bigger issue is meeting game minimum and limit caps with +# only to have a lot of them bail last minute. I mean, how often do you hear "sorry my +1 is out" either posted or in person? Hosts spend a lot of time thinking about their game based on what numbers they pull, I know Brian does that a lot to keep things unique which is why I hates tent posts too. Its one thing if we're talking about sudden family issues or you coming down with the flu, God knows I've posted out a few times because of both but its a pain when it becomes a regular.

But honestly, how hard is it to make an account to post in for a game? Its just plain lazyness and shows a lack of commitment to the sport and community..."I want in on the game but don't want to be part of these forums"?!?!?
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