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This is as annoying, pointless, and so god damn retarded as posting tentative... Dont care if your maybe coming, let me know when your FOR SURE taking up a roster spot.

I for one, love the Ottawa sign up, where you MUST register, and then you just click on an open roster spot, and your username is signed up for that spot.

This takes away all the "in plus Danny, and Jacob, and Dan, oh Billy Bob wants to play too"

Everyone must realize that all games start online. How you represent yourselves on the ASC forums, is going to be directly linked to how you will behave in person, at a game, shooting projectiles at other people.

So this poses a problem when as a host, you cannot compare an ASC handle, to a player attending your game with someone else. I understand most people either dont use asc frequently, dont have the internet, ect. But still, rules are rules, etiquette is etiquette.

My .02
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