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+1 protocol in game sign up

Here is go slamming down keystrokes again to point out an issue in this community .. that anyone with a scintilla of intelligence .. or attention should have already figured out a year ago.

Posting "in +3 " in a game thread is not appropriate. It never was and never will be.

Game hosts need to know the names / handles of the people attending the game, any game, any where.

so if you and a group of friends are coming to a game please have the courtesy to post the full list of names / handles of the people coming.

This way the game host is not required to post for the 15th time in the same thread.. "hey we need the names of your +3 "

Which brings me to the next point... If every other person in a thread that posted "in +3" had to subsequently provide all the names of the people .. how is is possible that you may think that you don't have to?

In the future .. for any of my games .. if anyone posts "in + " in the thread without providing names .. none of those people will be attending.. because clearly they are too stupid to not be a risk to others.
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