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Originally Posted by The Legend View Post
Iwant to know would it break after the 3rd use?
don't know but seeing as it's not a branded item, it's really hard to tell. plus, who makes or sells maintenance kits? the support you can get with Madbull parts is amazing. not even sure what other brands sell replacement cone valves, with the exception of s-thunder's (garbage) co2 upgrade.

trust me when I say the MB cherries and kings are the way to go. the phrase "I told you so" is used so often I can't count how many times I've said it to people who bought something else. why else do you think Wildcard, Duckman and myself have gone exclusively Madbull? Cherries (xm108hp), Kings (xm204hp) and Multi's (xmpb4) only.

to be brutally honest here, stop being cheap! to save a few bucks upfront could cost you dearly in the future.
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