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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
In my personal opinion NO 13 year old child has the maturity to handle a FIREARM of ANY kind. Doesn't matter if it came from the Dollar Store, Canadian Tire, or an Airsoft Retailers. 13 year olds are KIDS and kids shouldn't have guns.
You obviously have a right to an opinion but I know many successful retired military personnel who shot firearms regularly as a child at a school's shooting range and say it was one of the best things that helped keep them out of trouble and learn discipline, common sense, and safety.

Back on track: rather then having your parent's buy the cheapo springer without any money contributed from you, a better idea would be to save up some money and split the costs 50/50. This is so that you respect the weapon and treat it with much more precaution and safety as you have worked for it.

Another suggestion is that since the springer has such low range, you could possibly construct a BB trap and shoot it in your basement or hallway, out of your neighborhood soccer mom's sight.

*This is the approach I took, except I split the cost with a friend and my parent's were there to buy the springer.

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