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air-soft Taurus 24/7 Spring-powered

hello everyone, im new here
and i hope this is in the right spot

this is the bb im looking at getting, as from what i have seen in reviews so far, it is a good starter bb, no too pricy, and quite powerful considering its spring powered

now my question is
besides bb's and safety goggles, is there anything else i will need to use this gun?
when i was looking on the website, under "what you will need"
it just said bb's, but when describing bb's, it also talked about batteries to power it, but the taurus 24/7 spring powered doesnt need batteries does it?


are there any other guns like this one that you would recommend?
thanks for you help!

as i am new here, i do not have my age verified, although me saying im 19 likely wont make a difference
also, this is for fun target practice at the cottage and stuff, nothing more

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