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Selling Equipment

Hi out there..

I am completely naive re anything to do with airguns, but tried to learn a bit from some of the web sites. The legality is very confusing...

I have also extended a contact to a local person to get AV.

My problem is that my brother came home from Japan and dumped all his stuff on me. I have found two airguns, at least I think that is what they are: a Glock 17 and a Steyr Model-GB. Are these desireable in the airgun world?

Thing is, he owes me for storage and I want to get rid of this stuff, and I have seen some ads listing these things for as much as $300 or more. Are these worth this much and if so, is your classified section an area to sell these (once AV'd)?

Thanks for any comments,

3Rennshru in Richmond Hill, Ontario
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