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Newbie here, a few questions for ya!

Hi there. I'm new to this whole airsoft thing (I don't even have a gun yet :lol: ).
My friend has been telling me a lot of things and I think this could be really fun. I already have a good beginner gun picked out on, but I have a few questions.

1) Will there be any hassles with customs for shipping this (I live in Alberta)? I read the FAQ on firearms law up stickied at the top, and I just wanted to clarify if a 300 fps gun would count as a firearm.

2) The bb's that airsplat sells (house brand), are they any good for a beginner? They're really cheap, about $12 american for 8000 in a 1 kg bag, and I don't want to spend a lot yet.

3) Is the UHC M92 M9 a good handgun for a beginner? I heard from a few people that it's just about the best value gun you could as for.

4) Is ABS plastic durable? That's what the gun is made of.

Thanks guys, and hi again.
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