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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
I distinctly recall being taught to use the bolt catch on reloads, back in 1990.

At some point, it was determined that using the bolt catch, although faster, was not as reliable as using the charging handle as it could result in a stoppage. So I guess someone decided to stop teaching it.

I remember the old was mag out, new mag in, bolt catch, forward assist.
What he said... Initial training on the C7 was all bolt catch and double bump the FA with every reload.

by 92--- the use of the Bolt Catch was loosing out to always using the Cocking handle.. rationale was that it was one process.. to initial charge and recharge .. and use of cocking handle was also 2nd action in all IA drills ( after looking at eject port)

One action that works for all circumstances is better than 2 actions .. one for initial load and one for reload... Bolt catch is so 1990...
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