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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
1. Because 60%+ of the equalization payments from Ontario and Alberta go straight to Quebec.. and there's no reason for it. Quebec has enough industry to be completely self sufficient... but it became a platform of the Blocheads to hold the feds up for ransom and demand more and more money every election or any time the feds needed support from the Bloc.

2. Because the Bloc shouldn't even exist as a political party. They're platform was literally advocating breaking up Canada. As far as I'm concerned, half of them should be shot for treason. They were constantly re-elected because of aforementioned concessions they always blackmailed out of the feds.

3. Separatists want to break up the country, want Quebec as a separate nation, yet still want all the benefits of having half the wealth of Canada constantly handed to them.

4. Quebec complains, whines, bitches, and is less of a team player than any other province in Canada. The Bloc hardly let anything pass in parliament unless it had some kind of special concessions for Quebec -especially if the bill dealt with financial issues.

5. Now that the Bloc specifically and treasonous separatist bastards in general have lost a significant amounts of power, I may like Quebec a bit more.

6. Even France hates Quebec. That's got to tell you something.

Does that answer your question?
No, because he asked you why Canada hates Quebec, not why Canada hates the Bloc. It seems that it's a question revolving around equalization payment and somehow France hating Quebec.

Not sure if you're aware, but the majority of Quebecois never voted for the Bloc. Our parliamentary system makes it so that the Bloc comes out on top (except for last election), but they never got more than 50% of votes in Quebec.

Now, as for equalization payment, there is hope on the horizon. In 2011, Ontario will finally be receiving some!

In the end, the people from Quebec who likes Canada are for the equalization payments.

The people from Quebec who wants to separate are against the equalization payments. So, who are you against?
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