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How rural are we talking about? ie. Farmland that's technically "inside" city limits or do you mean in the sticks like it's an hour drive to reach city limits?

If the former DO NOT shoot in the backyard. It's illegal and you can be fined by a bylaw enforcement officer (I know someone who almost got fined like $500 for discharging their BB gun in their backyard but got let off with a warning cause he was nice to the enforcement officer about it). If the latter just be careful, as what you're doing isn't illegal but could cause some concern from the neighbours. That is unless it's common place for teens/farmhands to go varmint hunting, in which case also do not shoot at pests with airsoft (apparently it's illegal since you're only crippling them and letting them die in agony and not killing them outright and animal rights activists QQ about pests deserving a quick death).
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