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Originally Posted by tomtom View Post
i have never played air soft before and i wanted to give it a try since i love paintball. i haven't told my parents yet about my idea of purchasing a pistol. i don't really have a problem with the pain but is it safe? i would be wearing eye protection. Is there any other protection i would need. The gun im talking about is a pistol that only shoots up to 190 fps.
Like anything that shoots a projectile there is an inherant danger involved. Just like paintball even when shooting at a range always ware propper ballistic protection, not work glasses, not sun glasses, not blinking really fast.

If you are not an adult I and the rest of this community suggest waiting until you are. Airsoft guns are very realistic and as a result get alot of attention when used outside of designated airsoft terrains. That particular gun in not that great and to be honest not really worth the cost. May I ask if its to "target shoot" in your backyard?

Regardless of the advice you receive in this thread you will probably ignore it like most people do if they don't hear what they want. Above all please be safe and use all airsoft, airguns and paintball markers in a safe and responsibel manner.
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