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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
Oh joy, I get to spend the next day hearing people bitch non-stop about Canada all the while getting drunk off their asses on what should have been a work day.

Yay Quebec.
Typical Quebec, biting the hand that gives them way too much in equalization payments, just to keep them around. I remember talking to my buddy Fox_111 (a staunch separatist) at a game a few years ago, he said he was taught in school that the official crest of Canada, the lion is Canada and the unicorn with the heavy gold chain around it's neck represents Quebec. My comment was "Dude, that's some pretty expensive bling the unicorn is wearing!" Lol, I guess it may be true, the lion can take away all the bling and let the unicorn run free..........

Happy and safe Canada Day everyone, from your friendly neighbourhood Stalker.
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