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Originally Posted by Boberama View Post
I was wondering about the legality of carrying an SKS openly (unloaded) on my way to Crown Land. As far as I can tell, transport regulations only say it has to be unloaded, not hidden.

But I can envision police becoming involved anyways.

So are you trolling or are you just one of those nitwits that likes to try and test the Letter of the Law in case there's some tiny loophole that would allow you to get away with something, thereby giving you the impression your otherwise boring and insignificant life is oh-so-much-more important?

If you're talking about the airsoft SKS, pull your head out of your ass, start reading around the forum and realize we have enough trouble keeping airsoft legal and off politicians' and soccer moms' radars without having idiots rocking the boat for the sake of it.

And if you're talking about a real SKS, take it to CGN; this is an airsoft forum.
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