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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
interesting! what would be the most important other things ?
Lots of things, medical kit/training, fireteam/section/squad movement and Platoon/Coy, learning how to call in different types of fires, ie ECAS and Mortars, Arty, etc. Communication, etc.

Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
regarding this marine's experience, were dump pouches introduced later? I also remember that at that time military rigs were pretty oldschool, was this person wearing a plate carrier with pouches or a belt with pouches and some armored vest?

I don't know when dump pouches became popular, but probably later on. I've seen alot of pics of Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan with dump pouches. But they are usualy carrying water and kit in the pouch.

Plate Carriers weren't issued out to standard troops till the last couple years, first Marines then the US Army, etc. The Marine would have worn a IBA and most likely with a FLC over top.

Why the questions on what this Marine was wearing and dump pouches?
Originally Posted by Jimski View Post

are trauma plates on the sides of the chest a way to go on using the bladed stance? does that stance make any sense in actual combat?
Kevlar plates aren't really on the side of the chest/arm pit area as that would restrict movement, they are a bit lower. I guess around 2005/06, maybe later? Different body armour came out, like the IOTV/MTV, etc and added side plates, and different attachments, etc but with that proctection it added a lot of weight and loss of mobility. Now the push is on weight reduction so plate carriers are issued.

Even with side plates, you will still want to square off to the front when you are fighting, at least in closer ranges, especially in CQB type stuff. Just because you have side plates doesn't mean parts of the body aren't exposed.

As for the blade stance he talked about, IMO I still aim like that for shooting at longer distances, but anything closer I square off to the target as best as possible and use cover when available.
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