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Originally Posted by Soldier Of Misfortune View Post

P.S. 'THe_Silencer'... Saying you learned your tactics from video games and videos online, I pray, absolutely PRAY, is a troll move. Otherwise, you just prove why we get labelled toons, lol.
You think I'm trolling because I was never taught how to use the bolt catch for w/e reason and I took the initiative to learn it myself, thus making me a more efficient soldier? I'm afraid your prayers were unanswered. I had no firearms experience before I joined the army, thus the functionings of the C7 were all alien to me. And who's calling who toons? Americans labeling Canadians? Full timers labeling reservists? North Korean Special Forces labeling me? I work for a supply battalion, of course our combat ability will not be as deadly the Marine Corps, sorry to disappoint you.

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