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When I was on Pre-dep with 1RCR, the guys I worked with had done gunfighter in the infantry school. We did it a few more times before deployment too. As Skeletor said though, you learn and need to know more in modern warfare other than speed reloads. Its also Afghanistan, not Iraq, different playing field.

This whole B.S. arguement for no reason reminds me of the infamous RTT CQB Man...
YouTube - ‪RTT-CQB MAN‬‏

P.S. 'THe_Silencer'... Saying you learned your tactics from video games and videos online, I pray, absolutely PRAY, is a troll move. Otherwise, you just prove why we get labelled toons, lol.

This is where the marine corps is as of 2009:
YouTube - ‪Marine speed reloading m4 2‬‏
Solving the worlds problems...5.56mm at a time.

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