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Basic Training/Recruit Training is just that.. a very basic intro to the Military, weapons, etc. I don't understand why people are surprised at this. Basic isn't supposed to turn you into some kind of high speed Soldier capable of all kinds of shooting, FIBUA, etc. It's to make you into a Generic Canadian Forces person who understands rank, build up physical fitness, do drill, know info about the CF, it's history, laws, etc and can have a basic understanding of the C7 service rifle and be able to pass a very basic level shooting level/qualification - PWT1.

The more high speed, tactical training, whatever you want to call it comes in later courses and unit level training*.

*Trade/unit dependent

Originally Posted by THe_Silencer View Post
As a reservist in the Army, I know that I was never taught to specifically use the bolt catch to aid reloads.
No offence, but you are also a Supply Tech in a Service Battalion(?) so they wouldn't be conducting any real Combat Marksmanship/Gunfighter stuff. It isn't part of you the requirements you need to be a qualified Supply Tech. If you were an Infantryman then you would have gotten that training during unit training and maybe touched on it on BIQ/DP1. Although your unit(or having Infantry dudes come to your unit to teach) should still be teaching certain aspects of it at the very least, but the main goal for you guys is more self defense type things, ie defending your camp/leagure whatever and Convoy Drills and actions on small arms fire, IED, etc.

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