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If you're looking to do it relatively on the cheap JG and CYMA aren't bad but then again aren't the greatest either they're respectable starter guns (if you know anything about paintball consider them the standard "Tippmann 98 or A5").

It's ideal if you're going to seriously get into it to get higher quality right off the bat (ie. DLX, Dye, Invert, Empire, Palmer Customs, etc.) but the cheaper clones are good stepping stones.

There is a point where they do get too cheap though and those guns are cheap for a reason. ie. Most Crosman guns as well as those Wally World/Canadian Tire package specials you see. That said there's nothing wrong with them if you understand that fact and use it for the right purpose. ie. I bought a cheapo springer while I was in the UK and just used it for target practise. When it broke I just tossed it in the garbage since it wasn't worth it to dick around with it and repair it (and I was going back to Canada anyways and couldn't take it with me).
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