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Whiskey-Six - Best Gun Doctor!

John is an excellent gun doctor. He has worked on my gun and I was very happy and satisfied with the results.

What I like about John is his drive to do the repair and/or upgrade correctly the first time. He even verifies FPS and BPS before and after major upgrades.

I also like that John is very knowledgable and works with other gun-doctors and part suppliers in North America to ensure that only the best and most reliable parts are used.

My gun is my baby and would only trust John to work on it. I would recommend giving him a try, if you can get scheduled. His busy repair schedule is a good indication that others trust him too!

Originally Posted by WhiskeySix View Post
Province: Ontario

City/Town: St. Catharines

ASC Name: WhiskeySix

Business Name: WTF Services

Real Name: John

Services offered: Service, maintenance, repair, customization, parts, AEGs, GBBs, all makes and models

Method of contact: , or PM me here.

Additional info: I use a local Army Outfitters as a drop off/pick up point. PM or contact for details.
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