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Originally Posted by sgtskywalker View Post
My father is actually into airsoft as well, so I guess that wouldn't be a problem. When I told him about the adult supervision, he said it wouldn't be a problem for him, unless they mean other player's supervision during the game by adult supervision. Getting the Minor's PAL would also be an option for me to get into games, and I would just love to be there during games to help them out, even if I'm not playing, as I am assisting to the game in some way. Thank you for your posts and your help again, it really did make things clearer in my head. I appreciate the fact that you took your time to explain, instead of just sending me back into the FAQ, or asking me to get Age Verified like some would probably do, and already did, when I was seeking out answers.
Adult supervision also, at times, requires your parent or legal guardian to play along side with you and not just hang out in the safe zone.

Getting, having, providing a PAL still doesn't mean a whole lot! It could help depending on the host but not with all.
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