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Originally Posted by T_A_N_K View Post
I would say that if you got a Minor's PAL (Firearms License) and passed, it would go a long way to show that you are mature and responsible enough to own and operate an airsoft gun and participate in games. However this is just my opinion, but I'm sure others would agree. I don't know you, but based on your lack of shitty english and the logic in your post you don't seem like a dumbass kid we normally get in the boards, which is refreshing.

Also, if you are interested in still pursuing airsoft under 18, I would go about contacting local hosts of games in the "event" section and ask them if you can participate(not as player at first) and help out. Earn your brownie points and I'm sure you will be on a field in no time. Your going to have to earn your way to play unlike everyone else, but like everyone else, be an ass/unsafe you will shown out the door you walked in.

Hope that helps.
My father is actually into airsoft as well, so I guess that wouldn't be a problem. When I told him about the adult supervision, he said it wouldn't be a problem for him, unless they mean other player's supervision during the game by adult supervision. Getting the Minor's PAL would also be an option for me to get into games, and I would just love to be there during games to help them out, even if I'm not playing, as I am assisting to the game in some way. Thank you for your posts and your help again, it really did make things clearer in my head. I appreciate the fact that you took your time to explain, instead of just sending me back into the FAQ, or asking me to get Age Verified like some would probably do, and already did, when I was seeking out answers.

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