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Originally Posted by sgtskywalker View Post
I remember reading here that most games would allow 16+ years old play with adult supervision, which would actually be perfect, but if what you say is true, then I guess I will have to wait two more years in my backyard until I can finally officially join the airsoft community.
Q) How old do I have to be to play/buy Airsoft?

A) You MUST be 18+ years of age to purchase any airsoft guns or parts. To play, it will depend on the field and host regulations. The general rule across Canada is 18+ years of age to play or 16+ years of age with adult supervision.
It really comes down to the host. Even then some hosts may have only exemptions on the 18+ rule for specific games.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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