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Originally Posted by sgtskywalker View Post
Thank you for your post, this is actually what I was searching for. When I said outside, I meant a public place like the main street infront of my house. What do you mean by Municipalities? If you're talking about parcs or other, then yes, I assume it is normal we cannot shoot in those areas with a potato gun or other. I was talking again of the mainstreet infront of my house or any other place (not parcs with discharge laws, unless you meant something else by Municipalities) where I can be seen by other people that I have an airsoft gun and I am using it.
Municipalities are the regions in which you live in, which for you would be Montreal. More than likely there is a by-law stating you can't shoot stuff. I would say show them so long as you do privately. Showing it in front of your house on the drive way is not private as anyone living on the street can see it. Showing it in your room, closed garage is different.

Best rule of thumb, do not take it/show it anywhere that the public has access to. Not everyone has access to your house/yard. Everyone has access to a park.

Im putting the bottom in bold because you seem intent that it is OK to shoot in your backyard, depending on where you live it may be, but highly unlikely.

Your best bet if you want to "shoot" is to set up targets in your basement (if its big enough, and your parents let you). Just remember, two eyes are better than one so wear protection. Also unless your friend have permission from their parents, don't let them shoot your gun. If your dumbass friends run outside with your gun and gets arrested, your going to get into trouble as well, not as much, but you are responsible for him having it in the first place, get it? and for gods sake, don't shoot each other.

To put it simple, go to your backyard, walk 200 meters in any direction. If someone else lives/owns property within this boundary, don't shoot there.

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