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Originally Posted by sgtskywalker View Post
I cannot play in any airsoft games nor can I own an airsoft rifle unless I'm 18.
You can attend game if allowed by the host, but you will more than likely have to show a great deal of maturity -which shows in your post so far. You can own an AS if you are under 18 provided a parent or guardian has purchased it for you, however said parent/guardian should be with you and watching you while you use it, legally. Would be better if they participated with you, great parent/child sport

I cannot brandish my gun outside as I want and just show it to anyone as I am going to be arrested and will pay fines or other for it.
Depends on what you mean on "outside". Showing them in your backyard that is fenced where you have a reasonable belief of privacy shouldn't really be a problem, in front of your house outside facing a main street is different

Going outside with an airsoft gun which has a red tip will not change anything to the eyes of a law officer, as there is no law about airsoft weapons who must have a red tip in Canada.
Again it depends on what you mean by "outside" I take my airsoft guns outside all the time, but they aren't visible and in a case/bag, they are still technically outside. Yes, red tip means nothing in Canada

If the police sees me with an airsoft rifle outside, they will assume it is a real firearm, and I will assume the consequences.
Yes, they can and WILL assume it is real

And at last, shooting outside with my friend(s) at targets or at each other (with eye and face protection of course) in the backyard or at any other place can bring me some trouble with the police.
Yes, not because it is airsoft, but because Municipalities have discharge laws. Mean you can't shoot things in certain areas, this can include bows, paintball guns, airsoft guns, real guns, potato guns. However, there is nothing wrong with setting up paper targets in your basement, provided you get the permission of your parents, are supervised and wear safety eye protection.
I would say that if you got a Minor's PAL (Firearms License) and passed, it would go a long way to show that you are mature and responsible enough to own and operate an airsoft gun and participate in games. However this is just my opinion, but I'm sure others would agree. I don't know you, but based on your lack of shitty english and the logic in your post you don't seem like a dumbass kid we normally get in the boards, which is refreshing.

Also, if you are interested in still pursuing airsoft under 18, I would go about contacting local hosts of games in the "event" section and ask them if you can participate(not as player at first) and help out. Earn your brownie points and I'm sure you will be on a field in no time. Your going to have to earn your way to play unlike everyone else, but like everyone else, be an ass/unsafe you will shown out the door you walked in.

Hope that helps.

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