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Let me get things clear here

Alright, I have read the FAQ and I want to make things clear here, so correct me if I'm wrong. I cannot play in any airsoft games nor can I own an airsoft rifle unless I'm 18. I cannot brandish my gun outside as I want and just show it to anyone as I am going to be arrested and will pay fines or other for it. Going outside with an airsoft gun which has a red tip will not change anything to the eyes of a law officer, as there is no law about airsoft weapons who must have a red tip in Canada. If the police sees me with an airsoft rifle outside, they will assume it is a real firearm, and I will assume the consequences. And at last, shooting outside with my friend(s) at targets or at each other (with eye and face protection of course) in the backyard or at any other place can bring me some trouble with the police. If anything I said is wrong or not that right, please correct, as I want to clearly know what I can and cannot do with an airsoft rifle.
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