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I've learned a lot, but I still need help.

About 2 weeks ago my friends and I decided we should all buy an airsoft gun as something to do over the summer. I thought hey, drop 50-100$ on an respectable airsoft gun just to mess around with. After reading all these forums, I realize that is the wrong thing to do.

Brand new to airsoft, I decided the best thing to do would be find a forum about airsoft and just read, read, and read. I've read several threads about starter brands and what to look for in a starter gun. Now, I have several brands in mind, but I'm not sure that even those are right for me.

So now I find myself targeting the brands like TM, JG, and CA. I've read forums on all of them, however, some people say TM is the best, others say CA is the best etc. So I want an good, solid MP5 (preferably but will take other suggestions). However, all my friends are new to the game as well, and basically we are just shooting at each other in the back yard. So I don't want anything that will destroy them, cause for the time being we are just playing in shorts and T-Shirt, while I might take the game further later on, this is all we are aiming for, a fun time with guns that are reliable with dropping 300$+ for a gun.

Also, I would like to know about batteries and BB's. I see many people talking about what batteries to use, some talking about them lasting 9 hours. I don't really need them to last 9 hours, but I still want power and reliability out of them. As far as BB's go, I've heard some will ruin your gun, and well, I don't want that to happen.

Thanks a ton,
And sorry for noobness
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