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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Good read.
Even as an airsofter, he describe basic mistakes I assume people know not to do. I'm suprised that they are not taught in the military. (US Marines anyway.)
Please don't post like that.. ie even as an airsofter I know better..

A lot of weapon drills, tactics, etc have evolved over the last 8 years. What is current now, wasn't taught, back in 2000,'01,'02, etc Everything improved after experiences in OEF/OIF.

Originally Posted by Soldier Of Misfortune View Post
.Examples like this gentleman, brought about training packages such as Gun Fighter in the CF and similar war fighting in other militaries now used today.
The PWT4/Gunfighter program was made by a CSM(?) in 3PPCLI who was a Assaulter in JTF2 before. He based the Gunfighter program off the shooting packages taught to him, etc from JTF.

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