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Originally Posted by pugs144 View Post
So... are you mad that the Conservatives legislated the postal workers back to work or are you mad at the NDP for delaying the whole process?
I'm mad that I haven't received my packages.
I hold everyone responsible.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
You're kinda contradicting yourself with those statements.
Do you even have any idea what actually happened? or are you just blaming everyone else for things they didnt do?
Yes, I know exactly what has happened. I've been following this ordeal since it started, (actually since it started with Air Canada and it could affect me) reading every news article and watching CPAC for almost 3 days, as I wanted to know when I can expect to receive my packages.

My statement is not made to analyse, debate or criticize, It's just a rant with the negatives from all sides that kept me from getting my packages.

Canada Post - for locking out the workers resulting in a nation-wide halt of operations.
CUPW - for demanding certain things that are unreasonable.
Overpaid, Lazy-Ass Postal Workers - statement speaks for itself.
Conservatives - Introducing bill, Intervening with the collective bargaining process, Harper, get a fucking haircut already, real or not.
NDP - for holding the filibuster.
Labour Minister - "Canada's recovering economy", bla, bla, there anything else you can say? GTFO of Afganistan!
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