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I'm a very good sniper.

I'll work for about 300 dollars a game not including food and drink.

There are others like Stalker here on the site, but I dont think you'd be able to afford him.

If you're looking for a sniper 'rifle' however. Go tokyo marui, Classic army or Maruzen if you want to make a serious rifle.

The A&K SVD is 'alright', I own one but its taking a lot of work to make it even competative as a sniper rifle. You can use AEG barrels (650mm), new hopup rubbers (have to cut about 1/3rd of the length for it to fit properly. Teflon tape helps compression a lot) Downgrade the spring to something more managable, 500FPS is just newbie appealing bullshit. I have this thing shooting about 380 and it reaches out rather far.

Other mods include replacing the hopup 'bar' with a cut O-ring, properly lubricating the cylinder and properly tightening the barrel screws.

For that amount of work, you could easily just buy a TM VSR-10 which would be able to outshoot it with 380fps spring installed and a scope/scope mount.
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