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Originally Posted by Mordarski J.A. View Post
You're exactly right Mike, the role of reconnaissance (at least when I was first taught it - the wording has since changed slightly) is "to obtain accurate and tactical information on the enemy and ground in a theatre of war and report it back to a higher command in a timely fashion". Long story short, as a reconnaissance soldier if you have to fire your weapon, you have failed.
We used to go out when there was a Recce course going on and act as the enemy force. All we had to do to get them to fail their qualification was to get them to fire their weapons. You'd find where they were laagered and probe and probe to get a response. Knowing that they were supposed to be invisible some people would still get irked and start shooting back.

Of course they would return the favor for us if we needed an enemy. It sure looked like a dream job. long hair? Check. Crewsuit? Check. SMG stowed away unloaded so it won't get dusty, rusty or carboned up? Check. Driving cross country with a giant ruck of extra gear tucked in your vehicle instead of humping? Check. Can't wear web gear in case it gets tangled on something? Check. And so on.
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