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Opening a gearbox to change a spring isint all that hard, but it is easy to screw up, has videos but prolly something to get a hand with till youve seen it done or helped do it once or twice unless your good at "fixing" stuff an m4 is already prety short, but the outer and inner barrels are available in all sorts of sizes and are prety simple to install, the flash hider should have a small grub screw on one side, prolly 1.5mm allen key, loosen it and the flash hider should be a -thread so righty loosey, and some outer barrels are two peice so you may be able to take the front few inches off by unscrewing it, it will be the same as the flash hider threads.
The could be normal as i dont know g&g stuff but thats it easy stuff besides the spring, and yes 400fps+ is tough on a mech box even a well buit one, 300-400 is a good range.
Rate of fire is how many bb's per minut or seccond the gun fire the fps is the velocity of the gun.
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