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Union are paid from a percentage of the salary of their members (before taxes). The more their members are paid, the more they engrossed money and profit. At my bro job; they are paid 3% of his salary. In his case he pay over 30$ a week. That's more than 1500$ a year by workers...

In the case of CP; that make 1497$ a year(@24$ an hour base salary) compared to 1185$ (19$-hour) a year if the new worker base salary pass.

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3% raise isn't all that outrageous, when the cost of living goes up every year with it. But anyway. So if the workers decided to ignore the ruling and just keep striking anyway, would they all just be fired?
Nope but big fine (as much as 1000$ a day) for the workers and as much as 100 000$ for the union.
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