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A few questions and concerns about my recent rifle purchase


Let me start by saying I purchased the G&G M4 Commando MAX. I had a few questions regarding the spring, gearbox and a couple of possible future upgrades/downgrades.

My first question was regarding the high rate of fire (460-470fps). I plan on only keeping it at this for the next 6-12 months after which I will downgrade when I actually do start to play a real game of airsoft (currently just want to shoot at targets and practice). Anyways, after reading around I noticed that a lot of people said the high fps (m140 spring) will put a lot of tension on the gearbox (MAX Ver. 2) thus causing the gearbox to break prematurely. I was just wondering if 6 months of target shooting could cause much damage? Also, are these gearboxes very expensive or hard to replace (clueless about the gearbox).

This brings me to my second question which is; how hard is it to replace the spring? Eventually when I do downgrade for outdoor play, I will need to replace the spring (M100 included) and I was just wondering how difficult this would be for a beginner, and whether or not I would need to take it to a professional? Also, would anyone have a vague idea of what an M100 spring would bring the fps down to?

Lastly, if I wanted to turn it into a more CQB rifle (for indoor play), could I just purchase a shorter barrel. Are these hard to replace? Also, is it fairly easy to replace the flash hider as well?

Thanks in advance for any offered.
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