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Can I expect decent accuracy with these BBs?


I am new to airsoft in general so please bear with my lack of knowledge.

Anyways, I just purchased a new AEG a couple months ago (yet to receive it with customs taking weeks to screen it) and I knew I needed some ammo so I bought a bunch of TSD .20g biodegradable BBs. Being a newb I did not look into the matter all too well and after reading a number of topics on the subject I got the consensus that these .20g BBs I purchased would not perform very accurately with my airsoft gun (shooting around 468fps, just for target shooting, will downgrade later).

So the consensus was that I should have bought .25g BBs instead. A number of people said that .20g would only be a little less accurate while others claimed it would be very inaccurate due to the high fps of my airsoft gun.

So I was wondering, will they really not perform well, or just not as well as the .25g? I will definitely be purchasing .25g in a year or so when I finally do play on a field (want to get acquainted with the sport first).

Lastly, the TSD BBs are supposed to be of good quality (purchased from Airsoft Atlanta, not the gun) from the numerous reviews I read.

P.S. I'll try and keep the text down on future posts.

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