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Originally Posted by -Skeletor- View Post
The LAVIIIs would belong to 1RCR as they are the Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Ontario.

From what I remember a RCD in the Assault Troop told me, they have no vehicles. If they do, I highly doubt they would get LAVIIIs. In the Armour world I think it's only Sqn HQ and perhaps the Regiment's 9TAC. Buddy of mine(Armour Recce Reservist) was attached to the LdSH for TF 3-07 and I'm pretty sure he was a LAV driver for the Sqn OC.

thats what figured. I wasn't sure though with RCD not having any tanks.

We had some TUA lavs but they're gone now(to where i have no idea).

Our assault troop is really just a bunch of guys training for some military challenge in Wales.
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