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The LAVIIIs would belong to 1RCR as they are the Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Ontario.

From what I remember a RCD in the Assault Troop told me, they have no vehicles. If they do, I highly doubt they would get LAVIIIs. In the Armour world I think it's only Sqn HQ and perhaps the Regiment's 9TAC. Buddy of mine(Armour Recce Reservist) was attached to the LdSH for TF 3-07 and I'm pretty sure he was a LAV driver for the Sqn OC.

Sirtaco27, don't expect to be closing with and destroying the enemy as that is not the mission of Armour Recce. Recce observes, and reports what they see. Conducting Recces via vehicle(Reservists would use G-Wagon) or dismounted. As well Reserve Armour Recce is also tasked with Convoy Escort, and they were heavily employed in that role in Afghanistan for the NSE.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

It sucks there wasn't more money spent on that event to make that demo a bit better. ie have 1-2 plywood "buildings" with the enemy force in them instead of a small stack of sandbags. Which in reality the LAV's 25mm would have no problem fucking up and killing the dudes behind it, no need to dismount dudes for that.

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