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Originally Posted by Ronald Chang View Post
I wrote to NDP to express my discontent of their deliberate delay of passing the back to work legislation. The loss of my business has reahed a unbearable level as a result of the strike.

I will keep writing to them to let them know how angry I am at their stupid political tricks, which do more harm than any good to the whole matter!
Did the same lol and Olivia Chow wrote me back

Dear Richard,

Thank you for writing to me about the Canada Post lockout.

Postal workers showed good faith by continuing to deliver mail on a rotating basis in order to minimise the impact on Canadians while they were negotiating with Canada Post Corporation. Unfortunately, CPC chose to stop and block all mail delivery by locking out the postal workers. So instead of sitting around the negotiating table, postal workers have been forced out onto the streets.

The NDP remains committed to trying to reason with the government to lift the lock-out so that negotiations between the two parties can resume.

Thanks again for your e-mail.

Olivia Chow, MP

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