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Version 3 Gearbox PITA!!!!!!

How do you people reassemble Version 3 Gearboxes?!?!?!?

I took mine apart to see what its like so I would know when I get my spring and change it, but its a PAIN to get back together.:banghead:

Just how do you do it?? The trigger assembly is a PITA! It likes to explode if I don't keep my hand on it...WTF....

So Id like to know HOW THE F you guys manage to assemble/reassemble these things....or if there are any tricks or shortcuts.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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"Don't get mad. Get even."

"Airsoft silencers don't do anything...."
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The Marui NBB Mk23 would like to have a quiet, quiet word with you.
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