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Originally Posted by Drayen View Post
that 100million figure is kinda shakey in my mind but beside's that, let's look at the timeline and then play the blame game.
-CUPW went on a rolling strike designed to slow down the mail.
-they then agreed to continue working under the previous contract whilst negotiations continue CP management refused
-CP starts to cut the mail service to 3 days a week
-CP locks out their workers...

i've been watching CPAC off and on for the past day, hell, me n a friend were up till 5am last night havin a few beers and watching parliament in action. I totally agree with what the NDP, Libs, Bloc, and Green want to do. Don't legislate the worker's back to work under what the Harper Gov't says. Legislate CANADA POST to unlock it's doors and negotiate under the previous contract.
What were employees being paid while they were performing this "rolling strike"? Full wages? CP wages + union subsidy? I'm just curious, because if my staff performed a rolling strike, it would render my business ineffective, and I would've done the same damn thing!
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