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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
Yeah most of the stores I order pc parts from are doing Purolator shipping now instead of CP. I also got some brewing stuff that usually goes CP but the store sent it with a small local courier service instead.

Funny I had thought Purolator was part of CP they are what 80-90% crown owned but I guess they are separate from CP seeings how this has not effected them.
Purolator is owned by CP.

What people don't know is that purolator is cheaper than CP. For us at work it's typically about 2/3's cheaper!! We also have a local same day courier that is even cheaper. All of our web transactions are processed with expedited parcel but if the customer notes it as a business address, we'll send it purolator or same day courier as we require a signature on every outbound package. CP is just a convenience for our customers that want stuff sent to residential addresses.
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