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Originally Posted by Drayen View Post
the posties could be working, but management won't let them.
they were willing to work under their old contract but CP shot that idea down in favour of locking them out to force the gov't to do something.

shame on CP for all the damage it's willing to do to this country because they feel workers should be legislated back instead of bargaining in good faith.
And shame on the union for demanding more money when it literally isn't there.

Originally Posted by whisper_kill View Post
I might be daft (actually I is), but the whole argument re: dropping new hire wages to me seems like it has little to do with the current employee base and more to do with the union being worried about getting less membership dues from new employees. Does that make any sense?
Yea, that's about the way I read it to.

Decrease in membership + decrease in union dues = less union power.

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