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You should find out which field you go to most often, take a picture of it if you can, and go look up some camo schemes that have similar colors.

CADPAT (Canadian Digital Pattern) is what the Canadian forces use because its based for wooded areas, and the reason why its digital rather than blotch is because (from what I hear), they took hundreds of pictures of tree's and forests, put it into a computer, and it comes out with a general pattern.

If you are playing indoors, check the lighting because you may want to vary the brightness of your BDUs. If the indoor field has generally low level lighting, get something darker and stick to the shadows. Otherwise get something brighter which, again, matches the environment.

There are HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of different BDU patterns, so pick the one that will suit the field you mostly play in. If you dont know which field u play in mostly, I would then suggest get 1. CADPAT, 2. Matte black, or 3. something that looks intimidating.
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