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Airsoft at Lemoine Point (Kingston)?!

This past Thursday Wednesday evening (June 22), while walking my dogs at the Lemoine Point Conservation Area, I observed three fully 'tooled up' individuals walking into the park. They were not carrying airsoft rifles but one individual was wearing a large CADPAT backpack from which a Magpul MOE stock (that's what it appeared to be at a glance) was protruding. I can only conclude that these three individuals were entering the park for a photo shoot or possibly an impromptu skirmish?

I am quite certain that the three individuals were not members of the armed forces on a field training ex or some such thing as I am very familiar with modern Canadian uniforms and field gear and can spot a real CF member in a micro-second at fifty paces. One of the individuals was decked out in British desert DPM complete with all-arms load bearing vest and Mk.6 helmet while the other two wore an assortment of cam patterns and load bearing rigs (one of which was in multicam if I remember correctly).

Does anyone know anything about this? I'm newer than a total noob (I have not yet purchased a gun) but I can't help but think that such impromptu gaming (if that's what was taking place) cannot do much to enhance the general public's opinion of the sport, particularly when one considers the rather comprehensive firearm discharge bylaw (which may be downloaded as a PDF document here: which explicitly prohibits the use of airguns of any type within city limits.

I apologize in advance if I am needlessly stirring up a big old pot of smelly stuff, but I am concerned about public perceptions of the aforementioned activities and any [over] reactions that may result.

Regards - Dan
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