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Originally Posted by Reckless View Post
yeah... mine now says that too.... it can't even make it INTO the border for customs to take 2-3 more weeks and decide if I can have it .. LOL ...

I can't imagine if my lively hood depended on CP ... I do know that all the small courier companies are getting slammed... like well WELL past the "yay! extra cash stuff!"
I just want my m16a1 *sniff*

I work for a small business that ships tiles across Canada and the US, we don't ship with CP but we get a lot of samples and of course invoices and bills through them... the accountant is thrilled because now she can burn through the massive pile of invoices on her desk, but when the backlog clears this business will literally grind to a halt under the weight of all the shit that's built up for us.

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