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I was kinda hoping this time with CP locked out and not moving .. that this would be time Customs could take their normal sweet time going through my box... but nope ... it's sitting on the US side of the border waiting for a CP type to hand it off to customs.... and yeah I've got another parcel sitting a few blocks away in the bowels of a PO building ... got the marker the morning of the lock out.

I've refrained from bitching as none of the stuff in the mail for me is no where near the impact it's had on peoples lives and business' ... it's just limiting my airsoft addiction!

however after watching the updates .. and seeing the opposition parties holding up and fighting the back to work legislation .. after neither side is able to come to a decision .. they still fight the legislation ... I understand no one wants to be told what to do by the government... but your in an position to really screw up (and are ) peoples lives...
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