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Originally Posted by vondnik View Post
Well the cp strike has costed me personnaly over 300$ and over 4000$ to our compagnie. Who is going to refund us? The cp manadgement, the union, the goverment? Of course it's going to be my fucking pocket that takes the hit.....
Ha! While I'm waiting for my "aide financière aux études" (for you English only people, student loans and grants) to show up in the mail, I'm forced to live under 1$ a day after the bare necessities (and I'm not including my internet access in that).

I'm running out of ideas of how to prepare Ramen noodles.

Kinda pissed that people who are supposed to help me in a time of need are stripping me of my savings and slowly forcing me in a position where random bad luck could place me in a bankruptcy situation. Oh, and if it does happen, might as well abandon my courses, I can't get in my "ordre professionel".

Really looking forward to this whole thing moving forward. Also looking forward to getting my correct entrepreneur card.
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